Renee Walker is Cosmos Student of the Week

KMSS/ Renee Walker
Monday, April 14, 2014 - 8:00pm

Renee Walker is not your everyday high school student.

She absolutely loves Biology and Chemistry and can hardly put it into words, "it's complicated yet so simple."

This A student is also a champ at soccer and basketball.

"Most of my harder classes are in the mornings then after lunch I go to athletics and I would do all my sports in the afternoon.."

Renee is a leader and a team player no matter what she does...

Jason Boston, Pleasant Grove High School Basketball Coach:

"Through the two years that I had the opportunity to coach Renee, she was a coach on the floor, so very much a leader. A lot of times we didn't even have to say anything to each other, we could just look at each other and we both knew what the other was thinking. That helped the team tremendously"

Andy Allen, Pleasant Grove High School Soccer Coach:
"when I think of Renee I think of heart, and hustle, and effort... That's the type of player you want on the field, someone who will give their 100 percent no matter what the situation."

Mellisa Smith, Pleasant Grove High School Chemistry Teacher:
"She'll get her lab group together and get them all organized, get them all in the same page, make sure they stay focused."

On top of school and sports, she also works as a soccer referee and teaches sunday school at church.

Her biggest goal is to become a doctor.

"What I really wanna do is help people."

She's already on her way.

Starting this fall, she'll be in University taking up premed.

"I'm really excited. I actually have a countdown. I can't wait to be there... I'm ready for the change. It's a start, take the next step."

With her excellent time management and dilligence, this girl is bound to go far.

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