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Monday, April 7, 2014 - 6:42pm

Legos are nothing but toys for many, but for some kids like Mason Lay, it means much more.

"I feel that I can make anything come to life."

Mason uses Legos to create robots.

He's part of Ridgewood Middle School's robotics team that competes in multiple inter-school robotics events each year.

Technology Development Teacher, Micah Stewart says his work ethic is superb--one that is fit for an engineer.

"He's extremely well focused. He stays on task..."

Mason is also a videographer and reporter for the school's newscast.

Not to mention, he is one of the Students Who Assist with Technology (SWAT) team.

Stewart says he's so well versed with both hardware and software that he's become the go-to person when teachers and students need technical support.

"He's a very important part of this campus. We would be worse for ware if he was not here."

This 12-year-old boy has big ideas. I asked him what he thinks will be invented in the years ahead and he answered,
"Advanced technology to where Cancer can be cured in the push of a button."

He wants to someday build a machine that can prevent the planet Earth from dying, "a machine that'll reduce the emission on a car, or take the pollution out of the sky and use it for energy."

Mason Lay says he wants to become an engineer but is also thinking about becoming a video game developer.

He wants to be the first to invent holographic video games that will hopefully reduce eye strain on players.

Whatever idea Mason puts in his head, he tends to follow through.

His mother, Jessica Cartwright says, "one thing he keeps in his mind is 'if you don't give up you don't fail.' "

Now, that's advice anyone can take. So far he's philosophy is proving to be right. 

He's been accepted into the Biotechnology Magnet Academy program for Southwood High School and will be taking the next step in his journey next year!

Congratulations Mason Lay!


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