Kyle Smith is Cosmos Student of the Week

Monday, March 17, 2014 - 7:37pm

“I want to be the first person to set foot on the planet Mars!”

Eleven year old Kyle Smith is in 6th grade. His favorite subjects are Science and Math and his passion is studying space.

His mother Aletta Smith says he talks about space day in and day out.

“He can talk for hours and hours on end on any subject that has anything to do with it from worm holes to black holes, everything.”

When left with little to play with, he takes or draws anything circular.

“I pretend they're orbits of the planets, orbits of the moons, planets, moons stars, and all that.”

Kyle couldn't speak at two years old. That's when his parents found out he was autistic. But as his mother says, that never seemed to be an obstacle.

“Even though he couldn't verbalize it he could understand it, he's always been very bright.”

Kyle is so smart he actually helps his classmates by serving as a walking encyclopedia.

“If anybody needs to know about any topic--it might be in math or a space related, math related topic-- they can usually go to Kyle.”

Kyle tells me his friends sometimes wonder if he would still have something to talk about if the universe explodes and he told them, “there'd be a lot of asteroids, and comets everywhere, and maybe new planetecimals.”

Until Kyle trades in his space t-shirts from the NASA store for an actual space suit, he'll continue to learn and share his love for science.

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