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Monday, March 31, 2014 - 7:39pm

Ben Montgomery is a 7th grader at Benton Middle School. He loves Science, but more specifically, he is passionate about robotics.

"I want to work on robotics more and the programing. I want to be able to help come up with better programming, and better robots to help create more and do more... Maybe medical robots, robots that help investigate natural disasters. Things like that."

Even at a young age, he is already building on his dreams--competing in Science Fairs and Science Olympiad.

Curious and constantly hungry to learn new things, Ben's father tells me, Ben has always had the mind of a scientist.

"No matter what age you're talking about. When he was talking he was asking questions."

He says Ben is never one to say "I don't know." He will always insist on finding the answer.

Ben's love for robots started when he was 8--playing with Legos for hours on end.

"he would go in his room and come back out three hours later...this kit that's supposed to last him a few days or a week, he's put it together in three hours. 'Here I'm finished. Where's the next one?'"

During one of his field trips to Lego Land, he learned about robots... Since then he was hooked.

"I'm hoping as I get older to work with more complicated bots."

Ben is very well rounded. He's a member of the local bowling team and is very much into reading and writing.

But at the end of the day, his love for Science prevails.

"I'd like to become an aerospace engineer or a robotics engineer. I like both fields, but I really like robotics. That's my main passion."

So, watch out for this up and coming engineer. 

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