Ashini Modi is Cosmos Student of the Week

KMSS/Ashini Modi
Monday, March 10, 2014 - 7:35pm

Ashini Modi may seem like your average little girl, but when when you listen to what she has to say it's easy to see she is a lot more than average.

"I was studying that the neurohydrogens in an area with a black hole is actually faster than neurohydrogens without a black hole"

Her love for science is what got her to this point, winning against 300 other students from all across Northwest Louisiana.

Ashini's fascination with science comes from having an older sister who also competes in science fairs and parents who are both doctors.

Her mother, Kalgi Modi says, "If there is no after-school or daycare, then she ends up coming to work with me. obviously what she sees is medical and healthcare."

You can say they're all beyond average, but Ashini may argue, "I wouldn't say that we're geniuses."

This humble girl works hard everyday.

"When i get home... i do my homework, then i play, then i practice my violin and then i do some art."

A dancer, painter, sketch artist, and a bookworm, Ashini is also sensible with money. I ask her what she'll do with the money she won, and she answers, "I'm not exactly sure. Maybe i want to put it in my savings account."

Her witts and kind nature is so obvious when you meet her.

Her science teacher, Melissa Shaw says she continues to inspire her classmates.

"Not only did she help her classmates, but she opened up a whole new area that kids are interested in."

Ask Ashini what she wants to be when she grows up and she'll say, "I want to be either an astrophysicist or maybe even a doctor."

There's no doubting she could!

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