Alex Siharath is Cosmos Student of the Week

Monday, March 24, 2014 - 6:10pm

Alex Siharath is only in middle school, but already he's collected many awards and medals.

His mother says she has three boxes full of medals from Science Olympiad Competitions and Academic Rallies representing his Alma Matter St. John Berchman's.

"He loves to read. If he can have a book everyday, he'll read everyday."

She says Alex is naturally curious. When he is interested in how something works, he tinkers with it. He is also very self-sufficient.

"If he has a question, he'll figure it out first before he comes for help."

Alex is very mature and organized. He makes sure he's always productive through out the day.

"I usually have something to do each hour."

Alex's teacher sees him as a team leader, but not one to boast about it.

"he does things because he thinks it's the right thing to do. He doesn't do it as a showman type of thing."

A well rounded kid, aside from loving science, Alex also like to learn about computers, is very advanced in history, plays basketball, and also engages in charity fund raisers.

"I wish I had a class full of Alexes. I don't. I love all of them... But he's a sweetheart."

Alex wants to become a Biologist or a doctor.

He tells other kids interested in Science to, "go for it because's it's really fun. Maybe go to summer camps... And if your school has a Science Olympiad team, join it."  

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