Obama Cutting Back on Newsers?

Candidate Obama may have pledged transparency, but the president's passing on big press conferences

Next Up for 'Reform': Potty Parity

Congress holds hearings to address the quality and equality of restroom facilities in federal buildings

Poll: 2010 Close, 2012 Split

Most GOPers would back their candidate and most Dems would back theirs — but what about the independents?

Dem Incumbent Loss Signals Trouble

Democratic primary voters in West Virginia show 28-year Congressional veteran Rep. Alan Mollohan the door

Muhammad Cartoonist 'Head-Butted'

Swedish artist who angered Muslims by depicting the prophet as a dog is attacked at free-speech lecture

U.S. Investigating Morgan Stanley Deals

Firm possibly misled investors about mortgage deals it helped design and even bet against; Morgan denies

Napolitano's Facts Wrong?

Homeland Security secretary says less oil was leaking from spill in Gulf of Mexico, but BP tells a different story

Obama Calling 'Information' a Threat?

President suggests less is more when it comes to news media, which some see as swipe at blogs, cable TV

Wetlands threatened by growing oil spill

With the oil slick just 20 miles off Louisiana's delicate wetlands, fisherman have taken action to protect the state's marshes. However, there is not enough boom to stop the oil from creeping into wetlands. Due to lack of supplies, fishermen a

House votes yes on teacher evaluation bill, Senate up next

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana House recently passed a bill that allows teachers to be evaluated based on student test scores. The legislation now goes to the Senate for discussion. Those in favor, say it better ties teachers to student education.