Los Angeles Lakers owner Buss dies at age 80

Basketball Hall of Fame member Jerry Buss, who had owned the Los Angeles Lakers since the National Basketball Association franchise's resurgence and dominance began in 1979, died in Los Angeles on Monday morning, a Cedars-Sinai hospital spo

Governor Jindal: 500 prisoners will be eligible for release with reform bills, saving millions

On Friday, Governor Jindal announced a few reforms that will be presented during this year's legislative session. They deal with troubled youth and non-violent drug offenders.

Texas police: Prisoner who stabbed detective killed days after escape

Authorities in Texas shot and killed an escaped prisoner early Saturday, several days after they say he stabbed a detective tasked with taking him across the country.

Bombs target Shiite neighborhoods, claim 21lives in Iraq

A spate of bombs exploded in Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 21 people and wounding 125 others, police said.

GOP senator: Sequester is going to happen

Republican Sen. John Barrasso said Sunday the country should be prepared for the sequester and its massive spending cuts to kick in next month, despite Democrats' proposal last week to avert it.

Environmentalists occupy National Mall to fight climate change

Environmentalists packed several blocks around Washington's National Mall on Sunday, hoping to spur President Barack Obama to take strong measures against climate change.

G20 pledge: No currency war

Amid concerns of a global currency war, the world's biggest economies pledged on Saturday they would not devalue their money to lift their own fortunes at the expense of the global recovery.

Car blast kills 1, injures 5 in Mogadishu

A security guard was killed and five others were injured when a car packed with explosives detonated Saturday in Mogadishu, officials said.

Obama trades White House for clubhouse this weekend

President Barack Obama won't be hanging by the beach during his Florida vacation this weekend - unless he ends up stuck in a sand trap.