Chrysler recalls 184,000 SUV's with airbag problem

 Fiat Chrysler is recalling 184,000 SUV's for a problem that could prevent the airbags from deploying.

Zuckerberg donates $25 million to fight Ebola

 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will donate $25 million to combat the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus.

El Salvador reports some damage after 7.4-magnitude quake

 A powerful 7.4-magnitude quake shook the Pacific coast of Central America on Tuesday, causing some damage and killing at least one person in El S

Man keeps childhood promise, splits Powerball jackpot with brother

A Bend man is in the running for the best brother ever. Eric Hale of Bend won a $1 million jackpot in the Sept. 24 Powerball drawing. He correctly picked five numbers, but missed the Powerball.

Man charged with child porn offers to be chemically castrated

A 54-year-old convicted sex offender offered up an unusual punishment in addition to jail time. Larry Hocken, of Davison, pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography in June and will serve at least 12 years in jail.

American Airlines flight makes emergency landing

An American Airlines flight made an emergency landing Monday at San Francisco International Airport after a problem with an air duct caused some cabin panels to buckle, a spokesman said.

Stonewall Clinic remains unopened after a year

A health care clinic in Stonewall built a year ago remains closed as the city desperately tries to find a staff and doctors to get the doors open and the ball rolling.

Coroner: Dad collapses on infant daughter, she survives 3 days

   It easily could have been a double tragedy, the coroner said.

TV station identifies Dallas nurse with Ebola

 As authorities confirmed that the Dallas nurse had contracted Ebola, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's top official was quick to point to a breach in protocol.