David Letterman's last show announced, clearing way for Colbert

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Mark the date, David Letterman fans: May 20 will be his final edition of "The Late Show."

4 arrested in connection with armed robbery at a Shreveport restaurant

Four Shreveport men are facing criminal charges in connection with the alleged armed robbery of a local business late Tuesday night.

Is the doughnut fad over? Krispy Kreme sinks again

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Have Americans fallen out of love with doughnuts? Probably not. But they don't appear to be nearly as popular as they once were on Main Street ... and Wall Street.

Walgreens pulls swastika wrapping paper from shelves following complaint

A California woman was shocked to find what appeared to be swastikas on Hanukkah wrapping paper.

State will now cover rape victim's hospital bills

Governor Bobby Jindal wants to make sure rape victims don't have to pay for their hospital bills.

Texas woman looking for justice after teen sister burned alive

Amanda Prince, a local Fort Bliss Army wife, says her relationship with her little sister Jessica Chambers was a typical one.

Kohl's to stay open for five days straight

Kohl's is taking last-minute Christmas shopping seriously.

Swedish police shut down Pirate Bay

 Sweden has shut down The Pirate Bay just days after several movies stolen from Sony appeared on the file-sharing site.

Who are the Leading Women of 2014

CNN International are on the hunt for the Leading Women of 2014. We want to know which public figures or rising stars have caught your eye this year and deserve accolade for being an extraordinary woman of our time.