Va. Attorney General: Colleges Can't Ban Gay Discrimination

Virginia's attorney general is advising the state's public colleges to rescind policies that prohibit discrimination based on sexual orientation.

In Election Surprise, Radical Cleric Urges Iraqis to Vote

Muqtada al-Sadr urged Iraqis to turn out in large numbers in Iraq's parliamentary election Sunday and give their support to those who he said were "faithful" to the Iraqi people

School Suspends Boy, 6, for Making Gun With Hand

A Michigan boy reportedly has been suspended from school for curling his hand into the shape of a gun and pointing it at another student.

German Politician to Greece: Sell Islands to Nix Debt

How should Greece get out of its financial crisis? Sell its islands, according to one German legislator.

How High Can Deficits Go?

Congressional Budget Office predicts Obama's budget plans would generate deficits totaling $9.8 trillion over 10 years, $1.2 trillion more than administration says

Empire State of Scandal

New York, once known for political giants, becomes center of political upheaval, gives voters more reason to lose faith

Don't Leave Oscar Picks to McCain

McCain blasts 'Avatar' attack ad as 'insulting' to Native Americans — as rival wonders what planet he's on

Shreveport officer shoots burglar

SHREVEPORT - A Shreveport police officer shot a man in the Eden Gardens neighborhood this morning after responding to a burglary call. Police say they have identified the man who was shot, but they have not released his name. police responded t

Anti-Catholic Leaflet Stirs Holy War in Tenn. Town

A Baptist pastor in Tennessee says he now regrets that his church distributed an anti-Catholic leaflet that a local Catholic priest decried as “hate material."

Parents: Detroit School Leader Sends Wrong Message

As if Detroit doesn't have enough problems these days, the president of the city's school board offered the shocking admission that he can't pen a coherent sentence.