N.C. Schools May Cut Chunk Out of U.S. History

He may be the president who governed during the Civil War and freed slaves, but under a new curriculum proposal in North Carolina high school U.S. history would begin years after with the presidency of Rutherford B. Hayes in 1877.

Iran Launches New Research Rocket Into Space

Iran successfully launched a rocket on Wednesday carrying a mouse, turtle and worms into space for research purposes, the country's defense minister said.

Pakistani Scientist Convicted of Trying to Kill Americans

A U.S.-trained Pakistani scientist was convicted Wednesday of charges that she tried to kill Americans while detained in Afghanistan in 2008, shouting with raised arm as jurors left the courtroom: "This is a verdict coming from Israel, not America."

LaHood Says Stop Driving Recalled Toyotas, Then Retracts

Transportation secretary wants to meet face to face with Toyota CEO

School board votes on see-through backpacks

SHREVEPORT - Caddo public school students may have to use translucent backpacks next year after a fifth grade student recently brought a gun to school. The school board will vote on the proposal on February 16th.

U.S. at Risk for Cyber Attack

National Intel director says U.S. not up to task of defending itself against cyber attacks, as terror grows on the Web

Beware the 'Lone Wolf'

Intel officials warn that a new Al Qaeda attack by an extremist acting alone could be just months away• 'Underwear Bomber' Provides Key Intelligence

Medical Journal Retracts Article Linking Vaccines and Autism

A major British medical journal on Tuesday retracted a flawed study linking the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine to autism and bowel disease.

Airline Terror Suspect Provides Key Intelligence

The Nigerian man accused of trying to use a bomb hidden in his underwear to bring down a Detroit-bound airliner on Christmas has been cooperating with investigators since last week and has provided fresh intelligence in multiple terrorism investigati

Top prosecutor will not take on phone tampering case

NEW ORLEANS - The top federal prosecutor in New Orleans will not take on the alleged phone tampering case at Senator Mary Landrieu's office. U.S.