Sarah to the Rescue

After riding to fame on McCain's coattails, Palin tries to help Ariz. senator win toughest re-election bid ever• YOU DECIDE: Can McCain Save His Senate Seat?

Cyber Center opening with first tenant

BOSSIER CITY - The Cyber Innovation Center in Bossier City will have its first tenant on Monday. The 8th Air Force will be paying an $8.5 million rent for the two-year temporary residence. A ribbon cutting is scheduled for Monday morning.

Secularist Coalition ClaimsVictory in Iraqi Elections

Ayad Allawi wins most seats in parliamentary elections, beating Shiite bloc headed by country's PM Nouri al-Maliki

Man arrested for alleged incest rape

SHREVEPORT - A man has been arrested on accounts of aggravated incest and rape. Police say Shreveport resident Eric Mahoney raped his 19 year-old relative. If convicted of aggravated rape, Mahoney could be sentenced to life in prison.

Obama: It's a START

Obama says nuke treaty to replace START accord shows U.S., Russia ready to leave 20th century behind | VIDEO

Appeals for $$ for Threatened Pols

Obama's campaign operation is raising money off the threats to Dem lawmakers to help 'defend health reform'

Playing Politics on Threats?

As feds probe threats against Congress in health law's wake, lawmakers trade accusations of exploiting incidents

Saudis Eye Al Qaeda in Foiled Plot

EXCLUSIVE: Several suspects in plot against Saudi oil, security facilities linked to Al Qaeda in Yemen, official says

Polar Bears on Thin Ice

LIVESHOTS: San Diego Zoo stirs uproar from critics with climate change portion of new polar bear exhibit | VIDEO