Threats Raised Accused Abortion Doctor Killer's Bond

Prosecutors are taking possible threats made by the man accused of killing abortion provider George Tiller seriously.

First Photo of Chaz Bono Since Sex-Change Process Began

The first photos of Chaz Bono have surfaced since the daughter of legendary singing duo Sonny and Cher began hormonal treatment in preparation for a sex change.

Fla. Confirms Boy, 9, as State's First Swine Flu Death

Florida health officials have confirmed the state's first swine flu death.

So Much for 'Transparency'?

Secret Service refuses to release list of guests to the White House since Jan. 20, 2009 — prompting a lawsuit

YouTube Video May Show Gunman Killing Protesters in Iran

In the clip, likely shot from a cell phone, a blue-shirted gunman fires an AK-47 from a second-story window into a courtyard.

Olivia Wilde Talks About Being Both Royalty and Megan Fox's

She is a princess, she plays a princess, and Megan Fox has a crush on her

Fergie Goes Topless in 'Allure,' Talks Sex, Piercings, and G

The always provocative star makes a series of interesting revelations

FOX Poll: 83 Percent Support Checking Voters' Photo ID

When it comes to showing photo identification at a polling place before voting, 83 percent of Americans say they think it is a good idea to require it, because it helps avoid fraud.

Report: Journalists Entered N. Korea in 'Smear Campaign'

Two American journalists sentenced by North Korea last week to 12 years of hard labor were caught shooting video for what the North said was a politically motivated 'smear campaign,' state-run media said .

First 'Stab-Proof' Knife to Go on Sale in the U.K.

The first "anti-stab" knife is set to hit store shelves in the U.K., designed to work as normal in the kitchen but ineffective as a weapon.