Cool Springs boys home closes

SHREVEPORT - The Shreveport Times reports a Desoto Parish facility for teenage boys closed. Inspections of the Cool Springs boys home show dozens of deficiencies. The facility made headlines recently, after one of the teens set fire to the main

Tip Leads Police to Missing Georgia Girl

A 14-year-old Georgia girl who had been missing for more than a week was found Wednesday night when police raided a house in a community not far from her home.

Officials Say Former Gitmo Detainee Now a Taliban Commander

A man who was freed from Guantanamo after he claimed he only wanted to go home and help his family is now a senior commander running Taliban resistance to the U.S.-led offensive in southern Afghanistan, two senior Afghan intelligence officials say.

Fallout continues over doctor's firing

BATON ROUGE - The fallout over the 2006 firing of Dr.

Iranians in America Report Steady Stream of Death Threats

Exiled Iranian dissidents, human rights campaigners and Iranian-American advocacy groups are fearing for their lives as they receive what they say are ongoing death threats from Iranian intelligence agents and regime sympathizers working in the U.S.

Child Directed Traffic at JFK Airport, Employees Suspended

An air traffic controller at New York's Kennedy Airport was suspended for allowing his young son to radio instructions to several pilots.

Man held on alleged sexual assault

BOSSIER CITY - A Bossier City man is in jail accused of sexually assaulting an 8-year-old girl. 42-year-old Robert Elliot Bruce was arrested early Saturday morning. He is being held on $500,000 bond.

Will Obama Use the 'R' Word?

The big mystery left in Obama's health speech is whether he will utter the magic word for Dems — reconciliation

Oscar-Nominated Movie Under Attack

Some vets and current military members are criticizing 'The Hurt Locker,' saying it's 'too much John Wayne'

FEMA maps could cause higher rates

Senator David Vitter wants FEMA to stop updating flood maps in certain areas. On Monday, the Louisiana Republican said that many areas could face a rise in insurance rates if FEMA is allowed to update maps before levee rapairs are done. Lafourc