GOP: White House Sitting On Fort Hood Review

Administration accused of 'stonewalling' on probe of attack, which some say should be labeled terrorism

Palestinian: 'Bruno' Ruined My Life

Grocer, activist labeled as 'terrorist group leader' in movie 'Bruno' files lawsuit for more than $110 milllion

Lawmaker: No More Terrorist 'Rehab'

GOP senator urges transfers from Gitmo to Saudi Arabia be suspended due to 'failures' of 'rehabilitation' there

U.S. Swings Back at China

Top U.S. climate negotiator arrives in Copenhagen, challenges demands for U.S. emission reduction

Attorney General says agencies working together

BOSSIER CITY - Attorney General Buddy Caldwell says law enforcement agencies in the state are doing a better job working together. Caldwell says turf wars among agencies were preventing them for sharing information. He says for the first time i

Family Dog Survives 98 Days on Deserted N.J. Island

After 98 days spent on an uninhabited New Jersey island, a family's beagle is back home.

University Considers Discrimination-Based Ed Program

A branch of the University of Minnesota may require all education students at the school to be well-versed in issues like "white privilege," "institutional racism” and the "myth of meritocracy in the United States."

Petraeus Predicts 'Slow'Progress in Afghanistan

Top U.S. general tells Congress that success of Afghan war strategy will be slower than 2007 Iraq surge | VIDEO

Body found floating in aparments pool

Bossier city police are investigating the death of a man found floating in the Alexis Park Apartments pool. The apartments maintenance worker found the man around noon on Tuesday. If you have any information, the Bossier City police can be cont

Airport Screening Secrets Posted Online

Who gets scrutinized in line? The answer to that question and others were mistakenly posted online in a TSA guide