Obama Playing Race Card?

President issues video seeking support of 'young people, African Americans, Latinos and women' | VIDEO

Doc Accused of Murdering Colleague

They worked together at a N.Y. hospital — now one is charged with fatally shooting the other, injuring his wife

Robotic submarines cleaning up oil spill

Cleanup crews are now using robotic submarines to clean the ocean where an oil rig exploded last week. Officials say the rig is spewing 42,000 gallons of oil into the ocean each day and now affects over 600 miles of water. They are hopeful that

Climate Prof Fired Up Over Web Satire

Penn State climate professor Michael Mann filing lawsuit over YouTube video spoofing him, his hockey-stick charts

Police squelch cruising problem

SHREVEPORT - Police are continuing to crack down on "cruising." The term refers to people driving their cars very slowly, to show off their flashy rims or sound systems. Police say their efforts have helped to quench the problem of too many peo

GOP: Wall St. Overhaul VoteWill Fizzle on Senate Floor

Top Senate Republicans predict financial overhaul won't reach Senate floor Monday, press for further talks

Obama to Push ResetButton on Mideast Talks

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas accepts invitation to visit the White House as Obama seeks to restart peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis

Obama to Eulogize Coal Miners

President will also meet privately with families of the 29 victims who died in accident at the Upper Big Branch mine

Immigration Law Sparks Profiling Fears

Hispanics in Arizona say they're afraid they'll be detained by police simply because of the color of their skin

Twister Kills 10 in Mississippi

Roofs are torn off businesses and homes are splintered after a nearly mile-wide tornado leaves 'utter obliteration'