U.S. Launching Air AssaultAgainst Monster Oil Slick

Defense Secretary Gates OKs use of C-130 aircraft to fight Gulf oil spill as State of Emergency is declared in Florida

Ariz. House OKs Ethnic Studies Ban

After new law on illegal immigrants, Arizona Legislature sends governor bill to ban ethnic studies programs

Lost iPhone Finder 'Regrets Mistake'

Identity of the infamous bar patron who scooped up an iPhone prototype from a California beer garden is revealed

Rep: Deport Children of Illegals, Too

Congressman Duncan Hunter declares 'it takes more than walking across the border to be an American citizen'

Clinton Warns Iran and Syria

Obama administration says weapons activity by Syria and a nuclear-armed Iran threatens stability of entire region

51st State On the Horizon?

House passes Puerto Rican statehood measure that critics say is a partisan maneuver to benefit Dems

Arizona Law 'Not Right' for Texas

Lone Star State Governor Rick Perry upholds the state's long-held tradition of rejecting harsh anti-immigrant policy

Senator: Ban Ahmadinejad

Republican John Cornyn pens letter to secretary of state asking Iranian leader be barred entry into United States

Oil Spill Moves Ashore

Oil from massive spill in Gulf of Mexico begins to wash ashore along Louisiana coastline | LIVESHOTS

Gulf Coast's Worst Nightmare

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal declares state of emergency as U.S. official says massive oil slick is expected to reach the Mississippi River delta tonight | LIVESHOTS