Scientists, Lawyers Mull Effects of Home Robots

Eric Horvitz illustrates the potential dilemmas of living with robots by telling the story of how he once got stuck in an elevator at Stanford Hospital with a droid the size of a washing machine.

Consumer Group Says Popular Zhu Zhu Pets Are Unsafe

A consumer group contends one of the holiday season's must-have toys is unsafe.

Rare Winter Storm Blankets South With Snow

The National Weather Service says several Louisiana towns reported two to three inches of snow, and several other states saw accumulation

Police: N.Y. Woman Plotted to Kill Rival's Unborn Child

A New York City woman faces charges that she tricked her husband's pregnant mistress into taking a drug that would cause an abortion.

Conn. School Official Defends Religious Symbols Ban

A school superintendent in Connecticut is defending a principal's ban on Christmas parties in class and the display of secular symbols, saying the issue of religious celebrations is 'especially difficult' during December.

Obama Ignores Climate-Gate

Data scandal prompts calls for Obama to skip climate summit, but White House doubles down on commitment

Son Lost in Saddam-Led Attack Found Alive 21 Years Later

DNA tests showed a man named Ali who returned from Iran was the sole surviving child of 58-year-old Fatima Mohammed Salih, who had lost her husband and other 6 children in the 1988 chemical attack on the Kurds.

Settlement over toxic FEMA trailors close

LOUISIANA - There's talk of a possible settlement to end the lawsuits stemming from the toxic FEMA trailers. Lawyers are negotiating an agreement to resolve thousands of claims against a trailer manufacturer accused of supplying shelters with Form

8 Extreme Solutions to Global Warming

While the politicians fiddle in Copenhagen, many believe the only way to solve the global warming problem is by taking radical, creative new steps