Mom Allegedly Used Sons to Commit Armed Robberies

A 51-year-old Arizona mom allegedly used her young sons and their friends to commit at least 20 armed robberies in a calculating and 'revolting' scheme, police said.

Ex-'Idol' Finalist Nikki McKibbin Drove Son to School Drunk

Following a year sober after a stint on "Celebrity Rehab," ex-'Idol' finalist opens up about hitting rock bottom

Wreckage From Missing Air France Plane Found

Brazil military search planes have found a three-mile path of debris in the Atlantic Ocean which reportedly prove that a missing Air France jet carrying 228 people crashed into the sea.

North Korea Readying Several Missile Tests

North Korea is preparing to launch three or four medium-range missiles, along with an ICBM, amid moves by Kim Jong Il to anoint his third son as heir to the world's first communist dynasty, reports and experts said Tuesday.

Pakistan Court Orders Release of Mumbai Suspect

A Pakistani court on Tuesday ordered the release of a hard-line Islamist cleric allegedly linked to last year's deadly attacks in the Indian city of Mumbai, his lawyer said, setting the stage for a new round of tensions between the neighboring countr

Another 'Black Man Did It' Hoax Sparks Outrage

An old lie was trotted out again last week when a white mother from suburban Philadelphia said two black men snatched her and her 9-year-old daughter from their SUV and abducted them in the trunk of a black Cadillac

Bodies of 3 Brothers Found in Houston Lake

Investigators say three young brothers whose bodies were found in Lake Houston apparently drowned during a fishing trip.

Judge: Release Gitmo Docs

U.S. must reveal unclassified versions of allegations and evidence justifying imprisonment of detainees

J.D. Salinger Sues Fan Over 'Catcher in the Rye' Spinoff

The 90-year-old creator of "The Catcher in the Rye," as protective of his copyright as he is of his privacy, is seeking an injunction against the writer, publishers and distributor of a spinoff of the author's famous novel.

GM Gets $33 Billion in Financing

Judge gives automaker interim approval to use $33B in financing, with $15B available over the next three weeks