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U.S. Urges North Korea to End Provocative Behavior

Senior U.S. diplomats pressed North Korea to halt its belligerent behavior and return to nuclear disarmament talks even as the isolated communist nation pushed ahead with preparations to launch a long-range ballistic missile.

New Hampshire OKs Gay Marriage

Despite opposing the practice, Gov. Lynch signs bill making N.H. the sixth state to legalize same-sex unions

Saudis Blasted for 'Hate' Textbooks

U.S. lawmakers urge Saudi Arabia to stop promoting intolerance in school books as president prepares to visit

Microwave Missiles: High-Energy Weapons in the Air Force

Air Force's new directed-energy weapon program would create weapon that fires powerful bursts of high-power microwaves, frying electronics of multiple targets without harming people or infrastructure.

NASA Clears Space Shuttle Endeavour for June 13 Launch

Top managers settled on the date Wednesday following a daylong flight review that coincided with a practice countdown by the seven astronauts assigned to the mission.

Harvard to Endow Chair in Gay, Lesbian Studies

Harvard University is creating a visiting professorship in lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender studies with a $1.5 million gift from the Harvard Gay and Lesbian Caucus.

Judge Puts Leash on Media Hound Drew Peterson

A judge on Wednesday prohibited murder suspect Drew Peterson, a notorious media hound, from contacting anyone except people on a court-approved list of family, friends and attorneys

Calif. City Approves IDs for Residents, Including Illegals

Oakland is set to become the third U.S. city to issue identification cards to all its residents, including illegal immigrants.

Kate Gosselin's Ex-Fiance: She Was Always Chasing Money

Is that Kate Gosselin? Her ex-fiance spills on little-known details of TV's most controversial mom