No Sign of Victims in Midair Collision Search

A flotilla of rescue vessels continued its search Saturday for nine people feared dead at sea following an air collision between a U.S. Coast Guard aircraft and a Marine Corps helicopter.

Karzai Challenger Abdullah May Exit Runoff Election

Talks between Afghan President Hamid Karzai and challenger Abdullah Abdullah have broken down, and Abdullah is likely to pull out of next week's presidential runoff, a person with knowledge of the talks said Friday.

Pirates Asking for $7 Million for Release of British Couple

The BBC says Somali pirates have called the broadcaster to demand $7 million in return for releasing a British couple whose yacht was hijacked off the coast of Africa.

Tornadoes wind through Shreveport

SHREVEPORT — Storms caused a tornado to touch down Thursday afternoon. Two tornadoes came through the area causing damage to buildings. One woman was even on her way to pick up her daughter at school right as the storm came through. Du

World's Biggest Cruise Ship Sets Sail From Finland

The world's largest cruise liner on Friday began its maiden voyage to Florida, gliding out from a shipyard in Finland with an amphitheater, basketball courts and an ice rink on board.

Critics Say Photos of Kim Jong Il Really Of a Look-Alike

A number of analysts are convinced that photos released of North Korea's leader Kim Jon Il are not really of the dear leader — but rather a strikingly good look-alike.

Fox News Poll: Americans Take Congress to Task

If members of Congress were up for a job review right now — instead of a year from now — the ranks of the unemployed would swell to an even higher level.

Search for Survivors of Collision Between Chopper, Plane

The U.S. Coast Guard and Navy were searching early Friday for as many as nine people off the Southern California coast following a collision between a Coast Guard plane and a Marine Corps helicopter, officials said.

Thousands lose power

SHREVEPORT — As of this morning, close to three thousand in Caddo parish and more than four thousand in Bossier parish were without power. The Shreveport Times reports around 20 thousand people were without power at some point. Crews have