Obama's Budget Put to Test

President's proposals to face a first test from lawmakers weary of record deficits and wary of his tax ideas

Study Finds New Abstinence-Only Program Works

An experimental abstinence-only program without a moralistic tone can delay young teens from having sex, a new study found.

Study: Fish Oil Pills Might Prevent Schizophrenia

Fish oil pills may be able to save some young people with signs of mental illness from descending into schizophrenia, according to a preliminary but first-of-its-kind study conducted in Austria.

Arson up across the state

LOUISIANA - The State Fire Marshal's office says arson is up a whopping 30% over the last eight months. Officials believe a bad economy is to blame.

Mom or Would-Be Terrorist? Trial for Scientist Nears End

Jurors heard a U.S.-trained Pakistani scientist portrayed Monday in closing arguments at her attempted murder trial as both a would-be terrorist determined to kill Americans and a fearful woman framed by the government.

Arts Council planning moving to old fire station

The Shreveport Regional Arts Council will move locations into the old Central Fire Station. If everything goes according to plan, the move will take place this summer. The organization's original building was burned down back in August. The

Report: 'No Child' to Get Refined

Obama reportedly plans overhaul of apportion of funds, pass/fail system in Bush 43's No Child Left Behind law

Toyota Says Parts to Fix Gas Pedals Are on the Way

Toyota Motor Corp. is telling dealers that they should get parts to fix sticky gas pedals later this week. But the 4.2 million customers affected by a large recall may have to wait a while for repairs.

U.K. Couple Kidnapped by Pirates Beg for Urgent Help

A British couple kidnapped by Somali pirates in October said they were not being treated well and needed urgent help, according to an AFP reporter who met them in captivity.

Americans 'Knew What They Were Doing Was Wrong'

Haiti's prime minister says it's clear to him that the 10 U.S. Baptists who tried to take 33 Haitian children out of the quake-ravaged country "knew what they were doing was wrong."