Feds: Oil Spill Is BP's Problem

Obama administration officials says they will collaborate with Gulf of Mexico cleanup, but British Petroleum is the 'responsible party' |

Times Square Bomb Scare

New York City police close down parts of Times Square after a 'failed incendiary device' was found in car

Border Fight's Local Toll

As national debate grows over Arizona's immigration law, local clashes drive wedge through communities

FDA to Probe Children's Cold, Allergy Medicine Recall

The Food and Drug Administration says it is investigating after a health-care company recalled more than 40 over-the-counter infant's and children's liquid medications.

Oil Slick Expanding

Gulf of Mexico oil spill grows tremendously as rough seas thwart cleanup effort, could reach Atlantic Ocean. | MAP

Obama to Visit Oil Spill Zone

President to head to Gulf Coast Sunday in effort to contain massive oil spill on track for devastation | MAP

U.S. Shifts Mideast Arms Tack

Washington, Egypt discuss plan to rid region of nuclear weapons, in effort to steal Iran's thunder at U.N. summit

Deadly Tornadoes Strike Arkansas

URGENT: Authorities say 3 people are confirmed dead, and another 25 injured, as twisters rip through state

Ariz. Gov: Profiling 'Won't Be Tolerated'

Brewer signs immigration follow-up bill that makes a number of changes that she says should quell concerns

Was Oil Rig Blast Criminal?

Federal official says it's too early to know cause of devastating Gulf Coast oil spill, but 'everything will be examined' | MAP