Haitians Pray, Cry for Help After Earthquake

Prayers of thanksgiving and cries for help rose from Haiti's huddled homeless Sunday, the sixth day of an epic humanitarian crisis that was straining the world's ability to respond and igniting flare-ups of violence amid the rubble of Port-au-Prince.

Filmmaker: Movie About Balloon Boy's Dad Could Clear Him

Once Richard Heene admitted in court that he wrongly sent authorities on a wild goose chase across Colorado to save the son he thought was aloft in a runaway balloon, friends and supporters seemed to take off just about as fast as that balloon.

Chicago Bears Defensive End Gaines Adams Dies

Chicago Bears defensive end Gaines Adams died Sunday morning from cardiac arrest due to an enlarged heart, the Greenwood County coroner's office told Fox News.

Training of Airport Screeners Varies Greatly Worldwide

Despite million-dollar machines that analyze air puffs for traces of explosives and revealing full-body scanners, the frontline defenders against the next terror bomber remains to be airport screeners, whose training varies greatly throughout the wor

Woman Pulled From Rubble as Aid Trickles Into Haiti

Rescuers pulled a dehydrated but otherwise uninjured woman from the ruins of a luxury hotel in the Haitian capital early Sunday, an event greeted with applause in a city otherwise filled with corpses, rubble and desperation.

Six Powers to Meet on Iran's Nuclear Program

Top diplomats from six key powers meet in New York on Saturday to discuss Iran's reaction to their proposal to defuse global fears over its nuclear program, with the United States pushing for new sanctions.

Cold snap causes record number of fires

LOUISIANA — The recent cold snap is keeping firefighters across the state very busy.

Local residents trying to return from Haiti

SHREVEPORT — Three members of a Shreveport church trapped in Haiti will reportedly try to leave the country today to return home. As of this morning one local resident still had not heard from his wife who is also trapped.

Haiti in devastating conditions

Devastation in Haiti more than a day after a deadly earthquake toppled the capital and surrounding areas.

GM plant comes to a stop

General Motors will stop its production of its Hummer Brand until the sale of the brand is complete. Officials say this will directly affect the Shreveport plant which produces both the Hummer H3 and the H3T. General Manager Otie McKinnley says