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Alleged Hitman's Lawyers Want Confessions Tossed

Hours after detectives arrested Vincent Smothers in a suburban Detroit alley in the spring of 2008, they say, he came out with a stunning confession: 'I don't have a profession,' he allegedly told an investigator. 'I kill people for money.'

Poll: Obama Seen as Pro-Palestinian

New poll finds only 6 percent of Israeli Jews see Obama as pro-Israel, a stark contrast to the Bush administration

30 in Church Group Fall Ill; Swine Flu Suspected

Health officials suspect swine flu has sickened at least 30 children in a Texas church's youth choir group on a bus trip in Colorado.

Billionaire Stanford Surrenders, to Appear in Court

Texas billionaire R. Allen Stanford, chairman of the troubled Stanford Financial Group, is scheduled to appear in federal court Friday on fraud charges after surrendering to FBI agents in Virginia the day before, officials said.

Mom Accused of Burning Daughter, 6, in Voodoo Ritual

A New York City woman has been accused of burning her 6-year-old daughter during a voodoo ritual and then ignoring her cries for help and sending her to bed.

Iran Ultimatum to Mousavi: Toe the Line or Else

Supreme Leader tells candidate whose followers are challenging Iran's regime to back him at Friday prayers or be cast out.

Jon and Kate Plan Big Announcement on Monday Show

TLC isn't commenting on what the news will be, but viewers clearly welcome to wonder if couple calling it quits

Iraq Taking Over Security as Deadline Approaches

The U.S. withdrawal from the cities will be a major test for Iraq's army and police, which failed to stem a wave of Shiite-Sunni slaughter in 2006

Nevada Paper Rejects Ad About Senator Ensign's Affair

The owner of a Canada-based dating Web site says he was jilted when he tried to place an advertisement in Nevada's largest newspaper to capitalize on U.S. Sen. John Ensign's extramarital affair.

Studies Say $196 Billion Wasted on U.N. Health Programs

It's tough to gauge the effectiveness of pricey programs led by the United Nations and its partners, and in some cases, big spending may even be counterproductive, the studies say.