Family escapes house fire without injury

A suspected electrical fire heavily damaged a home off Dallas Street in Shreveport Tuesday morning.

Shreveport Police searching for bank robber

Police detectives are looking for a man who robbed a west Shreveport bank this afternoon.

Man shot after fight

One person was injured when some one fired shots from a moving vehicle Tuesday morning. It happened just before 1 a.m. in the 2000 block of Addition street.

Doctor arrested for stalking coworker

A doctor at a local hospital was arrested for stalking a female hospital employee, said Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Shreveport police need your help finding robber

Shreveport Police need your help in identifying and apprehending a suspect who robbed a convenience store last night.

Ex-marine becomes oldest Louisianan to skydive

Ex-marine Ray Urban celebrated his birthday performing a tandem sky dive at the Gilliam, Louisiana Airport Sunday afternoon.

Abortion clinic ordered to stop procedures

Under a new state law, the Hope Clinic for Women in Shreveport was ordered Friday to stop performing abortions.

Shreveport woman lacking pre-natal care

Shreveport is the state's leader in the number of woman who lack pre-natal care, as well as the infant mortality rate.

Hurricane Earl threatens Jersey shore

Nervous business owners line the New Jersey shore right now, all because of Hurricane Earl.

Man charged with battery after shooting neighbor

Officials say Leon Warren has been charged with aggravated second-degree battery after shooting his neighbor in the head Tuesday night.