Space Tourism a Reality by 2012

The latest trend in eco-tourism is completely out of this world ... and right around the corner

Patients Sue for Right to Buy Life-Saving Bone Marrow

Thousands of Americans are on waiting lists for bone marrow donations, and some are willing to pay for the life-saving substance. But under federal law, trying to pay for bone marrow is illegal, and punishable by up to five years in jail.

Yankees Win 27th World Series Crown

The New York Yankees have won the World Series, beating the defending champion Philadelphia Phillies 7-3 in Game 6 behind Hideki Matsui's record-tying six RBIs.

Sex Offender Supervision Blasted in Dugard Case

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation failed to properly supervise convicted rapist Phillip Garrido and missed opportunities to discover the alleged kidnapping victim, Jaycee Dugard, held for 18 years.

Flooding continues in Bossier

SHREVEPORT — The rain may be over,but northern Louisiana residents are still cleaning up the mess. Those in south Bossier Parish still have high water and it is causing concerns for residents in the Elm Grover area on Highway 71. Official

A 'Fine' Health Care Fix?

Despite claims reform will make health insurance affordable, House plan assumes millions would rather pay $167B in fines than buy coverage

Judge resigns amid controversy

LOUISIANA — Louisiana judge Keith Bardwell has resigned Tuesday, after refusing to perform a marriage ceremony for an interracial couple. The Shreveport Times reports the judge said he believed the relationship would cause too much harm to t

Study: H1N1 Poses 'Special Threat' to Obese People

Swine flu can cause severe disease in people of all ages and appears to pose a special threat to those who are obese, according to an analysis of H1N1 cases in California released on Tuesday.

U.S. to Karzai: Reduce Corruption or Else

Obama reportedly gives ultimatum to Afghan president to sideline his brother, reduce corruption or risk U.S. support

Obama Dealt a Blow asDems Fall Short in Races

Election of Republican governors in Va., N.J. could mean trouble for Obama, who carried both states in 2008