UPDATE: Murdered child was lured by text messages

SHREVEPORT - Police say 12 year-old, Desoto student Justin Bloxom was lured to a taxi cab via text messaging. Police say 34-year-old cab driver Brian Horn posed as a woman to draw the boy in. Horn is a registered sex offender. Desoto Parish

Bomber Joined in Terror Marriage

Russian newspaper reports 17-year-old Moscow subway bomber was widow of Islamist rebel killed in shootout

Alleged child-burner arrested

SHREVEPORT - The man accused of dipping his 2-year-old daughter into scalding water has been arrested. 23-year-old Troy Moore was rushed to the hospital after he told authorities he drank poison in an attempt to harm himself. Moore's mother and

FAA OKs Pills for Pilots

Pilots allowed antidepressants, as FAA says it will try to make sure side effects don't 'manifest' at 35,000 feet

Screening 'Traits' at the Gate

Intelligence-based policy rescinds rule that screens passengers from 14 higher-risk countries | VIDEO

New Border Worry: Asylum Seekers

EXCLUSIVE: Mexican drug violence may upend efforts to curb illegal immigrants by giving them valid asylum claim

Army: Gay Ban Still in Place

Army secretary warns that soldiers can be discharged for admitting they're gay, saying his earlier suggestion that 'don't ask, don't tell' policy was suspended was error

Man wanted for burning 2-year-old

SHREVEPORT - An arrest warrant has been issued by police for a man who allegedly set a 2-year-old on fire. Officers say almost a week ago, Troy Moore burned the body of a little girl by dipping her in hot water, then beating her with a belt. Mo

Demand for Border Hearing

GOP lawmaker calls for border security hearing after murder of Ariz. rancher believed killed by illegal immigrant

2010 census returns show Shreveport/Bossier on-par

SHREVEPORT - Shreveport-Bossier City residents are on par with the rest of the nation in turning in the 2010 census. Reports show around 50% of the Ark=La-Tex metro has turned in the census. New Orleans reports an extremely low turnout at 24%.