Yemeni Forces Reportedly Surround Al Qaeda Compound

Yemeni security forces on Wednesday reportedly surrounded the compound of regional Al Qaeda leader Mohammed Ahmed al-Hanaq north of the capital of San'a.

CIA Bomber Provided Intel to Strike Al Qaeda

The suspected Jordanian double agent who killed seven CIA officers in Afghanistan was thrown into jail by Jordanian intelligence to coerce him to track down Al Qaeda's No. 2 leader, Mideast counterterrorism officials said Tuesday.

South Chilled by Arctic Winds, Record Snow in East

Bitter cold and snow sweeping into the eastern U.S left part of New England under record snowfall and hit Southerners with subfreezing temperatures that farmers fear could destroy strawberries and other crops.

Let the Google vs. iPhone War Begin

Google unveils long-anticipated Nexus One, but does the 'super phone' live up to the hype? | SLIDESHOW

Broken water main floods streets

SHREVEPORT - A damaged pipe at the Music Mountain Company and a suspected water main break flooded parts of the streets this morning. It happened at the intersection of Stoner Street and Centenary Boulevard in Shreveport. Officials say the slic

Dems, Obama Meet onHealth Overhaul Compromise

Dems consider bypassing conference committee process and work out final product among themselves

Officials: Protocol Followed,But the System Failed

Top agencies say the system worked the way it should have in would-be jet bombing — which is why it failed• URGENT Security Breach at Minneapolis Airport

Man accused of flashing traffic

An Alexandria man has been accused of allegedly flashing traffic. A woman driving by with her young child reportedly witnessed the incident. 50-year-old Jimmy Sherman was charged with obscenity and resisting arrest.

Intel Short in Afghanistan?

LIVESHOTS: Stinging report from NATO official says intelligence community only 'marginally relevant'• Report: Freed Gitmo Detainees Rejoin Al Qaeda

Home Sales in Record Plunge

Pending home sales unexpectedly dropped in November, a big correction after several months of positive gains