Officers round up oustanding warrants

SHREVEPORT — Shreveport law enforcement conducted a warrant round up Wednesday. Authorities arrested 19 offenders and cleared 45 warrants.

State fair set to kick off

SHREVEPORT — The annual state fair will kick off its 103rd year in Shreveport Thursday. The theme this year is "first and forever." Officials say they believe it will bring an economic boost to the area and will be cheaper for fair-goers.

Upset citizens attend council meeting

BOSSIER CITY — People gathered at the Bossier City Council meeting Tuesday night to protest layoffs in the city's police and fire department. However, the city council denied any comments from the public at the meeting. Many citizens were

Sugar Cereals Are 'Smart Choices'? FDA Not So Sure

Ever wondered how that "Smart Choices" sticker wound up on the front of Froot Loops or Cocoa Puffs?

Karzai Needed U.S. Talks, Meals Before Agreeing to Runoff

Afghan President needed high-level U.S.

Hunt On for Va. Student Who Vanished From Concert

Police are looking for a Virginia Tech student who has been missing since Saturday.

Louisiana graduation rates tumble

LOUISIANA — A new study shows Louisiana graduation rates are dropping. The report comes form the "Southern Regional Education Board" in Atlanta. Out of the 16 states reviewed, Louisiana suffered the largest fall of any state over a five-y

U.N. Report: Repeal Terror Laws for 'Gender Equality'

The United Nations has published a report on counterterrorism that is supposed to promote human rights — but critics say it's being used to redefine gender and hamstring actual counter-terror efforts.

Catholic Church Revises Constitution to Attract Anglicans

The Roman Catholic Church today moved to attract thousands of traditional Anglicans who are outraged by a growing acceptance of gays and women priests and bishops.

Vietnam Veterans Honored Nearly 40 Years Later

For Army Capt. John Poindexter, who was among a group of 86 Vietnam veterans who received the Presidential Unit Citation for heroism Tuesday, the ceremony marked an 'opportunity to close a chapter' in his life.