Hamas: Dead Agent Shouldn't Have Booked Trip Online

A Hamas legislator says a member of the Islamic militant movement assassinated during a visit to Dubai put himself at risk by booking his trip through the Internet.

Turning Point Reached in War Against Taliban, Officials Say

Western officials believe that a turning point has been reached in the war against the Taliban, with a series of breakthroughs suggesting that the insurgents are on the back foot for the first time since their resurgence four years ago.

Dutch Gov't Collapses Over Differences on Afghanistan

The Dutch coalition government collapsed Saturday over irreconcilable differences on whether to extend the Netherlands' military mission in Afghanistan.

Cindy McCain brings awareness to heart disease

SHREVEPORT - A luncheon was held Thursday to bring awareness to female heart disease. Cindy McCain, wife of Senator John McCain hosted the event. Mrs.

Hospital closes 2 years after bankruptcy

SHREVEPORT - Doctors Hospital in Shreveport has closed after struggling financially for the past three yeas. The company was forced to file for bankruptcy back in 2007. The hospital reportedly discharged its last five patients on Wednesday.

Obama Steps in to HelpHomeowners — and Reid?

President in Vegas will unveil $1.5B in housing help, but is also out to help vulnerable senators protect their seats

Law Enforcement: Radical Anti-tax Groups Growing Threat

Joseph Stack, the software engineer who crashed his plane into a Texas building, was part of a growing, violent anti-tax movement that has become increasingly alarming to law enforcement agencies.

Law agencies running out of space

Law enforcement agencies say they are overwhelmed with the amount of criminal evidence they have been forced to store. However, a new bill could help change that.

Glass Worker Turns Hero After Plane Slams Into Building

A quick-thinking glass worker who happened to be driving by when a pilot with a grudge smashed his plane into a Texas building is being hailed as a hero after helping many people escape the inferno that followed the crash.

Healthiest Parishes rankings released

Bossier Parish is the fourth healthiest parish in Louisiana according to a new ranking. The report looked at five areas of health including premature death and babies with low birthweights. Caddo Parish ranked 36th. The Shreveport Times repo