Jindal orders cut $13 million cut, jobs could follow

BATON ROUGE - More than 300 LSU instructors are expecting a letter of termination. Some of teachers have already received there notices, others are still waiting to receive word. The letter serves as a warning that the instructors could lose th

Pentagon Too PC on Fort Hood?

Lawmaker says failure to mention extremism in shooting report could hamper efforts to prevent future attacks

Melting Pot for Tea Partiers

While the tea parties have taken heat for supposed lack of diversity, minority activists say that's changing

Hummer production halts, could restart

SHREVEPORT - Officials have stopped manufacturing the Hummer brand at the GM plant in Shreveport. However, they say a sudden increase in sales or the completion of a sale with a Chinese company could force the plant to restart production.

All Eyes on Bay State Battle

Two million voters predicted to choose between Martha Coakley and Scott Brown for Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat• LIVESHOTS: Stakes Are High in Massachusetts

Haiti Chaos Hampers Aid Effort, Death Toll Soars

Relief workers say pockets of violence in Haiti's devastated capital are hindering a slow increase in much-needed aid delivery, and some residents have banded together to protect the few possessions they have left.

Questions Raised Over 3 Gitmo Detainee Suicides

Three Guantanamo Bay detainees whose deaths were ruled a suicide in 2006 apparently had been transported from their cells hours before their deaths to a secret site on the island, an article in Harper's magazine asserts.

Man allegedly kills girlfriend in fight

A women was killed late Sunday in Shreveport. It happened late sunday in the 3900 block of Miles Street in the Mooretown neighborhood. Police say Shanathan Prude was killed during what they call a struggle with a male accomplice. Reports sh

Security System Stable in Haiti, U.S. Officials Say

U.S. officials responsible for overseeing the flow of aid and resources to the victims of last Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti say the security system is stable, despite reports of widespread looting and chaos.

4 Adults, 1 Child Found Dead in Texas Home

Authorities working to determine what spurred a flurry of gunshots that left five people dead in southeast Texas are questioning a 20-year-old man who lived with the victims in the isolated house surrounded by pasture land.