U.N. Budget: Would You Believe $13.9 Billion?

When the United Nations General Assembly reconvenes in New York City next week, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon intends to present its members with a two-year headquarters budget that he claims will be as stingy as these recessionary times demand.

Report: Yale Tech's DNA Matches; Arrest 'Soon'

Police have matched DNA from a Yale research technician to evidence found at the crime scene on the Ivy League campus where graduate student Annie Le was found murdered this week, police sources reportedly said late Wednesday.

Bossier City Police Chief will retire

Bossier City Police Chief Mike Halphen is retiring. Halphen served 28 years in the police department, and the last eight years as police chief. Bossier City Mayor Lo Walker will appoint his successor, but candidates will have to prove they're q

ACORN Announces Reforms After 'Pimp,' 'Prostitute' Videos

ACORN will immediately stop any 'new intakes' following the release of four videos that depict its workers assisting a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute in search of housing for their illegal business.


The Y.W.C.A in Shreveport is continuing to barely scrape by. At the end of the day Monday, the organization was in need of a little less than $10,000 to pay their employees, and pay off other expenses. The economy has hit the organization hard,

Army Tells Dad His Soldier-Son Killed ... But He Wasn't

An Army unit is reviewing how it delivers information to families after a call to a western New York couple led them to believe their son had been killed in combat.

Critics: News Outlets Largely Ignoring ACORN Scandal

Employees at no fewer than three ACORN offices have been caught on videotape advising a man and a woman posing as a pimp and a prostitute on how to skirt federal law to obtain housing — but mainstream media is ignoring it, critics say.

Shreveport apartment shooting turns deadly

A man died Monday night after being shot several times at a local apartment complex. Police say the man was sitting on a stool outside his apartment when someone approached him, and later shot him. Nearby witnesses say they heard as many as sev

ACORN Brothel Advice Full of Holes, Analysts Say

Legal and tax analysts say there's a chance the advice, however astonishing, could be used to set up an illegal brothel in the short-term — but that the racket might not last long.

Senate Cuts ACORN Loose

Vote blocks housing grants after hidden videos capture employees advising a 'pimp' and 'prostitute' | VIDEO