Volcanic Ash Grounds Obama

President scraps plans to travel for Polish president's funeral because of hazardous flying conditions in Europe

Iran Calls for U.S. Nuclear Disarmament

Tehran accuses America of deceptively calling for non-proliferation while holding on to its own weapons

Scarce Jobs Not 'New Normal'

While fragile economy recovers, high jobless rates should not be the norm now, Obama economic adviser says

Debate Over Interns as Free Labor

In potential crackdown on unpaid internships, students maybe be left without opportunity to bolster their resumes

Skies Closed for Another Day

As volcanic ash continues to cloud skies over Europe, air safety agency extends airport closures to Sunday

Obama: Drop Bailout Fund

In a victory for GOP, Obama tells Dems to purge $50B fund for dismantling 'too big to fail' banks from financial bill

ACORN Chief: 'We're Not Dead'

CEO issues letter saying 'ACORN is alive,' after N.Y., Calif. probes confirm tapes released to media not accurate

Police catch 4 car buglars

SHREVEPORT - Four teens were arrested in connection with a string of over two dozen car burglaries. 18-year-old Carlos Marquez, Chase Anderson, Trey Sheppard and 19-year-old Brian Sheppard were all taken into custody Thursday. Police say they s

GOP Grills Obama Court Pick

Controversial nominee apologizes for sending Senate Judiciary Committee members incomplete portfolio about himself, says he'll do whatever he can to win back trust

Ash Clouds Worldwide Travel

Flight disruptions will get even worse as volcano disrupts travel for tens of thousands | SLIDESHOW | VIDEO