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Iran Mobilizes to Stifle Opposition Protests

Iranian authorities deployed in force across Tehran Wednesday to conduct last-minute security sweeps and warn residents to refrain from joining antigovernment protests planned for Thursday.

Fans celebrate Saints with parade

NEW ORLEANS - A victory parade got underway yesterday in New Orleans. Thousands of fans lined up along the parade route, which started on Poydras in front of the Superdome. The parade then winded its way down to Convention Center Boulevard.

Obama: Wait Until Recess...

Obama blames GOP for holding up over 200 nominations pending in the Senate and threatens recess appointments

Abortion Clinic on Probation After Undercover Sting

A Planned Parenthood clinic in Alabama has been put on probation by the state after an undercover sting helped reveal that underage teens had been receiving abortions there without parental consent.

Atlanta's Yellow Line Has Some Asians Seeing Red

'Hotlanta' is living up to its name this winter as Asian-Americans and Atlanta's transit officials debate the decision to rename a train route into the heart of the city's Asian community. It used to be called 'Doraville.' Now it's the 'yellow line.'

2 charged in murder of Mansfield man

MANSFIELD - Two people are charged in connection with the shooting death of a Mansfield man.

Man Sues After Mall Arrests Him for Talking About God

The California Court of Appeal is preparing to weigh-in on the constitutionality of a California mall's restrictions on patrons abilities to talk to each other about controversial topics.

New Sanctions on Iran

URGENT: White House targets four companies linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guards force over alleged involvement in spreading weapons of mass destruction

Obama: I'll Meet GOP Halfway

President indicates he is willing to sign a health care bill even if it doesn't deliver everything he pursued

Machete-wielding robber caught

BOSSIER CITY - Bossier City Police say Colby Seth Friedman held up a Family Dollar store on East Texas Street around 8 p.m.. The 28-year-old wanted $20 from the register. Officers caught up to him at a nearby motel three hours later.