Court Pick's Military Ban Under Scrutiny

Elena Kagan's ban of recruiters at Harvard Law School expected to be contentious issue in confirmation hearings

Unions' 76-Year Wait Pays Off

Obama administration changes decades-old rule, easing path for airline, rail workers to unionize

Kagan's Short Paper TrailStill Fodder for Critics

High Court nominee was never a judge but still made decisions likely to draw fire — like banning military recruiters from Harvard Law, calling Socialist demise 'sad'

Oil spill worker's gear not up to par

A California scientist says those working to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico don't have proper safety gear. Doctor Gina Solomon is concerned responders do not have equipment ventilators, goggles and protective suits.

Kagan 'Supremely Qualified'— With No Experience?

She's never served on a bench, but that doesn't mean Elena Kagan will be Obama's Harriet Miers, backers say

Fannie: Thanks, May We Have Another?

Mortgage giant Fannie Mae suffers $13 billion in losses in first quarter, asks Treasury for $8 billion infusion

Authorities identify dead body found

The body found in Red Chute Bayou last week has been identified as 39-year-old Nancy Miller of Haughton. Authorities say she had been missing since early March, and they believe Miller's disappearance was her own doing. The investigation is ong

Wall Street Rebounds

Dow up over 400 points in morning trading after Europe unveils plan to keep Greek debt panic from spreading

Cash for Caulkers: Worth Your Money?

The House passed a bill to offer thousands of dollars in rebates to homeowners who want to make their homes 'greener.' Cost: Up to $6.6 billion of your money

84 Killed in Rash of Violence Across Iraq

Car bombs and drive-by shootings claim dozens of lives as insurgents target security checkpoints | VIDEO