Man arrested for allegedly stealing rocks

A Shreveport man is arrested for taking rocks from a gas well site and using them to pave his driveway. The company says they asked 57-year-old James Tyler twice not to take the rocks before he was arrested.

Shreveport man arrested after alleged shooting

A Shreveport man was arrested Saturday after shooting two people. Police say 21-year-old Richard Cannon began arguing with one of the victims before shooting.

Gulf gets help from afar

Relief for the massive oil spill comes from all corners of the United States.  A coast guard crew in Hawaii has been sent to help with the cleanup.

Teen drowns in Toledo Bend Reservoir

A Ville Platte teen reportedly drowned in the Toledo Bend Reservoir Monday. Friends of 19-year-old Corey Soileau say he went under the water and never came up.

Experts look to cap leak after top kill failure

With the top kill method unsuccessful, experts work on their newest attempts to plug the leak. The procedure involves cutting off part of the busted pipe, then lowering a cap onto the leak.

Top kill method fails in Gulf

After three separate attempts of shooting mud and debris into the leaking well, the top kill method has failed. British Petroleum made the official announcement Saturday.

Coast Guard approves dredge plan

The Coast Guard approved Governor Jindal's 'dredging' plan Thursday. The move will cost $350 million and involves building sand walls along the Louisiana coast to keep crude from creeping into the marsh.

Actor Gary Coleman dies at 42

Gary Coleman, the child star of the smash 1970s TV sitcom "Diff'rent Strokes" whose later career was marred by medical and legal problems, has died after suffering an intercranial hemorrhage. He was 42.

Jindal approves protective wall of sand

The U.S. Coast Guard has approved Governor Jindal's $350 million plan to create a wall of sand along the coast. Officials say It is to keep crude from creeping into the marsh.

Oil dispersant making workers sick

As crews work to cleanup the nasty spill, many are starting to get sick.