Dems Blast 'Fake' Memo Urging Silence

Memo purports to show secret plan by House leaders, administration to cover up extra costs in health bill

Fox News Poll: Incumbents Beware

Given the choice to keep all current lawmakers, or get rid of all in Congress, 68 percent chose to ax them | PDF

Offensive Cards Pushing the Envelope?

You can wrap magazines in plastic or monitor your PC, but your kids can still see soft porn in the card aisle | VIDEO

City may ask for help funding parades

SHREVEPORT — The Shreveport City Council may be asking the public to help fund annual parades. The Council says celebrations like Krewe and Holiday in Dixie have cost over $100,000.

Democrats push toward Sunday vote on health care

WASHINGTON – Slowly but steadily, support is building behind President Barack Obama's health care legislation in the House, the result of intense lobbying and politically targeted changes aimed at reassuring waverers and winning over critics. Obam

White House Nears Gitmo Double Deal

Agreement would close Guantanamo Bay and pave the way for detainees to be tried before military commissions

Health Bill Hits Investments

High-income families would face a tax increase on wages and a new levy on investments under Obama's health bill

Cornhusker Kickback Booted

Dems kill the extra $100M in Medicaid funds for Nebraska that has become a symbol of backdoor deal making

Holloway's Remains Found in Photo?

Couple believes underwater photo they took off coast of Aruba reveals remains that could be of Natalee Holloway

State consider smoke ban at casinos and bars

The debate on banning smoking in bars and casinos could heat up again this legislative session. The state campaign for tobacco-free living is pushing lawmakers to add those establishments to the list of places Louisiana residents can't light up.