Holder: We Don't KnowWhere We'll Hold Trials

Attorney General can't say if New York — or any other location — will try 9/11 conspirators currently held at Gitmo

Is 3D TV Hazardous to Your Health?

If conventional wisdom says that watching TV is bad for your eyes, watching 3D TV may be three times worse, we're beginning to discover.

Foreclosure Aid Saves Few

Obama's flagship mortgage aid program lags well behind the foreclosure crisis, leaving millions out, watchdog says

U.S.: Syria Gave Scuds to Hezbollah

In a move that threatens to alter the Middle East's military balance, officials say Syria has transferred long-range missiles to the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah

Coach Accused of Abuse Back in Field

Football coach hired by Arizona high school — despite long-standing reputation for physical, verbal abuse

Police tase runaway suspect

SHREVEPORT - A man in violation of his restraining order was tasered early Tuesday morning after he ran from police The suspect also faces charges of aggregated battery and burglary, as well as resisting arrest. The incident happened at the Cen

Obama: 4-Year Goal on Nukes

47 nations at Obama's Nuclear Summit agree to safeguard nukes, keep them out of terrorists' hands

Rolling Out the Tarp

TAX WEEK: Our new taxpayer calculator shows YOUR share of the TARP program bill, in Day Two of FoxNews.com's ongoing series | INTERACTIVE

N.J. School's Fashion Show Furor

EXCLUSIVE: 'Misunderstanding' blamed for fashion show that forced students — including boys — to dress as girls

Prosecutors in Horn trial seeking capital murder charge

SHREVEPORT - Brian Horn's trial was upgraded to a capital murder case Monday. The registered sex offender is charged with the murder of Justin Bloxom. If Horn is convicted under the new trial, he could face the death penalty.