Millions of H1N1 Vaccine Doses May Have to Be Tossed

When the H1N1 vaccine first became available last fall, the doses were worth their weight in gold to many people desperate to get the shot, but now it’s being reported the government is about to throw away millions of those 'precious' vaccines.

Drilling, Baby, Not Enough?

Environmentalists and the GOP believe Obama's offshore drilling plan makes little headway to energy independence

'Gay is Good' Appointee Irks the Right

Social conservatives worry Obama's labor pick will strip religious rights from schools and businesses

Suspect turns himself in after 12-year-old is murdered

The body of 12-year-old Justin Bloxom was found in a shallow pool of water off U.S.

Border State of Denial?

Pleas for help go unmet in Washington as border states beef up police forces to patrol for illegal aliens

Dems Bullying Health Foes?

Nation's biggest companies called to D.C. to defend claims on health law — a move GOP says is intimidation

CIA: Iran Moving Closer to Nukes

LIVESHOTS: Recent CIA report says Tehran still working on building nuclear weapon despite resistance, setbacks

Houses elects pro tem

BATON ROUGE - The Louisiana House appointed it's number two person in charge. Joel Robideaux of Lafayette won the nomination for speaker pro tem. The pro tem often presides over house debates when the speaker is absent.

Obama to Ask France for Help

President looks to persuade Sarkozy to buck popular resistance at home and send more troops to Afghanistan

'Fix' In to Erase Jobs?

When the president stamps health care 'fix-it' bill today, he'll also be changing how the government issues student loans — but some lawmakers say it will put jobs at risk