Health Plan Could Be Hacker's Dream

Digitizing all medical records by 2014 is raising concerns about government access to Americans' medical history

Louisiana's AG Caldwell against new health care law

Louisiana Attorney General Buddy Caldwell joined the protest against the new health care law Tuesday. Caldwell's announcement made Louisiana the 13th state expected to sue the government. Caldwell said he didn't realize he would be the only Dem

Late Night Vote Marathon

Senate Republicans make last-ditch effort to derail health care legislation by forcing Dems to vote on series of 'fixes'

Dems in Danger Over Health Care?

FBI looks into threats directed at lawmakers and their families since the House voted on health care reform

Battle Over 'Fix-It' Bill

Republicans use procedural move to halt hearings in Senate and force Dems to vote on a series of politically dicey matters relating to health care 'fixes'

U.S., Russia Close In on Nuke Deal

White House says Obama near agreement with Medvedev to reduce amount of long-range nuclear weapons

Bus crash kills 1, injures 3

WACO - A deadly bus crash killed one and injured three Tuesday. Police say the three vehicle accident was caused by an SUV slamming into a bus after running a red light.

Teen Survives After Being Stabbed in Head by 10-In. Knife

A teenage boy playing a video game at an Internet café in China was stabbed with a 10-inch knife that went clear through his skull — and survived with little noticeable damage, according to a report.

Mass Cyber Attack Traced to China

Officials say attack on Google, U.S. companies was part of suspected China gov't operation to steal corporate secrets

New Terror Tactic: Breast Bombers?

Plastic surgeons reportedly fitting female homicide bombers with explosive breast implants to blow up planes