Ahmadinejad: Secret Nuclear Document Is a U.S. Forgery

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denounced a secret nuclear document unearthed by The Times of London as an American government forgery Monday, as the top U.S.

Abortion Deal May Snarl Bill

Of the hundreds of deals cut to pass health legislation, the hardest to keep may be the Senate's abortion compromise

With Scant Jobs, Grads Make Their Own

No jobs for new grads is no problem - they will jsut make their own.

Louisiana roadways rank dead last

LOUISIANA - A new study says Louisiana roadways are the worst in the nation.

Ahmadinejad to Help Jailed Hikers, Questions Intentions

Three American hikers who have been detained in Iran since they crossed into the country from Iraq in July have been accused of espionage, the first signal that Tehran intends to send the matter to trial.

Police offering money reward for illegal gun tips

SHREVEPORT - A new anti-gun program is aiming to get illegal guns off the streets.

Sweetheart Deals

Health care bill offers juicy concessions to several Democratic senators in exchange for their 'yes' votes

Israel Close to Deciding on Prisoner Swap

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his top ministers on Monday debated whether to approve an emotionally charged deal to trade 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for an Israeli soldier held by Gaza militants for more than three years.

Dutch Teen Sailor Reportedly Found in Caribbean

National broadcaster NOS and newspaper De Volkskrant say police on the island have tracked her down days after she ran away from home, leaving her boat behind.

NFL to Ask Players to Donate Brains for Study

The NFL is partnering with Boston University brain researchers who have been critical of the league's stance on concussions, The Associated Press has learned.