Fire damages oil service business

SHREVEPORT - An overnight warehouse fire damaged a business in north Shreveport. It happened around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning at Professional Waterline, a local oil field service company. The cause remains under investigation.

Tea Party Stuck in Neutral?

Obama sets aggressive plan to push health bill — sending Tea Party groups scrambling to catch up

Calling In the Bounty Hunters

Obama announces bipartisan-backed high-tech group to crack down on waste and fraud in Medicare, Medicaid

N.Y. Chef Makes Cheese From Breast Milk

Daniel Angerer is used to getting attention over the food that comes out of his restaurant Klee Brasserie, but the New York chef is making more headlines than ever over a new dish — that instead comes out of his fiance's brassiere.

State senator proposes plan to bypass health bill

UNDATED - A Louisiana lawmaker has a plan to bypass the health care reform bill, if its approved. State senator A.G.

Pa. Woman Charged With Recruiting Jihadist Fighters

A Pennsylvania woman has been charged in federal court with conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, conspiracy to kill in a foreign country, making false statements to a government official and attempted identity theft.

Toyota Hunting for Prius Fix

Automaker reportedly planning recall of 2004-2009 Priuses — but has yet to find fix for pedal issues

Harsher punishments for DWI's in the works

SHREVEPORT - Harsher punishments for drunk drivers could be in the pipeline. The District Attorney's Association issued recommendations to adopt tougher DWI laws. The law would allow judges to confiscate cars of repeat offenders whose licenses

Don't Know Much About History?

LIVESHOTS: If politically-charged panel has its way, Daniel Boone's out — and Cesar Chavez is in | FULL COVERAGE

SeaWorld Trainer's Family Wants Video Suppressed

The family of a SeaWorld Orlando trainer who was drowned by a killer whale after a Feb. 24 performance, is gearing up for a legal battle to prevent video footage of the incident from appearing online or on television, the Orlando Sentinel reported.