White House Points Finger at BP

Administration officials have not shied away from linking oil giant to potential misconduct in the rig accident

Tax Agency Ad Goes Big Brother

Pennsylvania residents spooked by threatening 'Find Us Before We Find you' tax payment TV commercial

1 Leak Capped, 2 to Go

BP corks one leak as oil continues to pour out of others; company moves with plan to drop cap to siphon oil away

Men steal over 10K in pizzas

SHREVEPORT - Two men are behind bars for using stolen credit cards to purchase $10,000 in pizza. Authorities say the men had Dominoes delivered to their house for six months using the cards. In all, the two stole over 84 credit cards.

Ariz. Cities to Sue Over Immigrant Law

City councils in Tucson and Flagstaff vote to sue state in an effort to overturn a tough new illegal immigration law

Ahmadinejad Questions U.S. Arsenal

Iranian president criticizes Pentagon's disclosure that the U.S. has 5,113 nuclear warheads in its stockpile

Oil to Make Landfall Soon

Florida Senator says oil slick is expected to reach land Wednesday and that BP should be held accountable

Tentative Deal on Financial Overhaul

Senate Dems agree to drop a $50B fund that Republicans attack as perpetual Wall Street bailout-in-waiting

Jindal continues to lead fight against spill

Governor Bobby Jindal continues to work out new plans in the fight against the crisis on the coast. Jindal says he's ready to protect Louisiana under the worst case scenario. Jindal is requesting 8 million feet of absorbent and hard boom, as we

Oil Spill Finger-Pointing Begins

White House is in an all-out push to make clear to public and Congress that BP is on hook for cleaning up spill