Obama: 'The System Failed'

President says oil spill prevention failed badly, calls blame game at hearings a 'ridiculous spectacle' | VIDEO

Authorities find former Senator Long's son

The son of former Louisiana Senator Huey P. Long was found in Mississippi Thursday. Police began to search for Palmer Thursday. They say Mr. Long was headed for Minden. Authorities say Long is safe, alert and lucid.

BP Tries to Thread Tubeto Stem Gushing Oil

Undersea robots thread small tube into jagged pipe pouring oil as finger-pointing grows | SLIDESHOW

NYC Terror Probe Heats Up

Three suspects held in New England raids may be connected to failed Times Square car bombing | VIDEO

McChrystal: No Winner ... Yet

General's assessment of Afghan war comes a day after Obama predicted it will get worse before it gets better

White House Seeks $10M For Oil Spill Litigation

Administration has said it expects BP to cover costs of massive Gulf spill, but taxpayers not off the hook yet

Familiar Figure in Latest Arizona Uproar

Illinois school official who nixed basketball team's trip to Ariz. over immigration law is no stranger to controversy

'Saggy Pant's' Bill doesn't pass House

BATON ROUGE - The 'Saggy Pants' Bill as it's been called, was shot down in the state House Wednesday. The legislation was originally proposed by Representative Rickey Hardy of Lafayette, who called the act of wearing your pants so low your underwe

'O' News, All the Time?

White House rails against '24/7' media environment, while opting for own news releases, videos, Tweets and blogs

Casinos and bars one step closer to kicking the habit

BATON ROUGE - Casinos and bars in the state of Louisiana are one step closer to becoming smoke free. The Senate recently approved the bill and it is now headed to the House. The bill is aimed at protecting workers in casinos and bars from secon