Eric Schmidt's daughter details North Korea visit

More details about Google chairman Eric Schmidt's surreptitious trip to North Korea emerged this weekend in a blog post by Schmidt's daughter and traveling companion, Sophie.

Mali takes key town as nations ready more troops

The Malian military has gained control of the central town of Diabaly, Mali, a key advance in the battle against Islamist militants in the north.

Obama, Roberts get another chance on oath

President Barack Obama got a second term from voters and another chance with Chief Justice John Roberts.

Will brothers face off in the Super Bowl?

The parking lots around the Georgia Dome are usually pretty empty on Sunday mornings in mid-January, but this is a different day.

'4-hour' work guru on China outsourcer: Bad karma

CNN readers had a mixture of admiration and disdain for "Bob," the anonymous U.S. programmer who outsourced his work to a Chinese firm for one-fifth of his paycheck.

Both parties look for action from Congress

Some might call them overly optimistic.

Four decades after Roe: A legacy of law and morality

Four decades since Roe v. Wade, and little, it seems, has changed.

Late night stabbing results in 3 arrests

Around 10:30 Thursday night, Shreveport Police were called to the 500 block of East Stoner St. where two women had been stabbed.

Bossier schools add new officers

Four additional resource officers will be added to various Bossier elementary school campuses. The Bossier Parish School board voted Thursday to approve a recommendation to add armed sheriff deputies to help secure schools.