Retiring lawmakers reflect on remaining challenges

When the new session of Congress begins in January, most of the faces on Capitol Hill will be the same - incumbents in both the House and the Senate overwhelmingly won re-election in November.

Early morning shooting sends man to the hospital

Investigators probe an early morning shooting that has left a Shreveport man injured and a suspect on the run.

Fiscal Cliff Table

Lawmakers from both the House and Senate said Sunday all options must be considered during fiscal cliff negotiations, as both parties work to try to avoid an economic crisis.

Black Friday Sales New Record

Apparently, full stomachs after Thanksgiving dinners put people in the mood for some real shopping.

North Korea Assassination Weapons

All you might feel is someone brush by you and a slight pin prick. But very quickly you would be suffering muscle paralysis followed by suffocation. You would be dead within a very short period of time.

McCain says he's open to changing his mind on Susan Rice

Sen. John McCain, who has led the effort to discredit Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, said Sunday he was willing to listen to Rice's testimony if she's nominated to become the next secretary of state.

Stocks: Focus back on U.S. economy

As confidence builds over lawmakers' ability to reach a deal on the "fiscal cliff," investors will turn their attention to U.S. economic reports on the housing market, manufacturing and consumer data this week.

Children of the conflict: Innocence interrupted by war

Four-year-old Yosef lies in a hospital bed with curiosity gleaming in his eyes as he listens to a family friend tell him the age-old story of Jonah and the whale.

No Powerball winner sends jackpot to record $425 million

No one hit the jackpot in the latest Powerball drawing, pushing the next prize of $425 million into the history books. The prize for Saturday night's Powerball was $325 million -- the fourth-largest in the game's history.

Freeman Narrates Marriage

One of Hollywood's most recognizable voices has been put to use narrating a spot marking Election Day achievements for proponents of same-sex marriage.