A local church prepares to serve hundreds free Christmas day meals

Kingdom Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church spent much of Christmas Eve getting food prepared for Christmas day.  The church is serving free meals on Thursday and are extending the invitation to the entire community.

What parents can learn about the Internet from Kim Kardashian

Editor's note: Jodi Gold, MD, is the author of the new book "Screen Smart Parenting: How to Find Balance and Benefit from your Child's Use of Social Media, Apps & Digital Devices."

Four Shreveport teens arrested for nearly one dozen car burglaries

Authorities have arrested a group of local teens for allegedly breaking into nearly a dozen vehicles early Tuesday morning in southeast Shreveport.

Is this 'wealth care' or the next big thing in medicine?

How'd you like to have longer appointments with your doctor, without feeling rushed out the door? How about reaching your physician by email or cell phone at all hours?

Google now displays song lyrics in search results

Google is starting to show the full text of song lyrics in search results.

Radio star Casey Kasem buried in Norway

Six months after his death, radio personality Casey Kasem has finally found a resting place.

Man and his dog bike across America to raise money

A man and his dog are traveling the country to help raise money for charity.

Bank On Shreveport sees higher numbers than expected

According to a 2009 Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 11.6 percent of households in Shreveport are un-banked and about 25 percent are under-banked.

FDA plan: Gay men who abstain from sex may be allowed to give blood

Gay men who've abstained from sex for one year would be able to donate blood in 2015, ending a lifetime ban for the gay community, under a proposed FDA policy change unveiled Tuesday.

What the 'marshmallow test' can teach you about your kids

The premise is simple: You can eat one marshmallow now or, if you can wait, you get to eat two marshmallows later.