Violent music videos lead to violent crimes.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 8:24am

Since the beginning of time, there have been rivalries between groups of people, but police on both sides of Texarkana are fed up with the latest one, Arkansans and Texans.

Every weekend, police are called to some sort of fight, or even worse, between the two groups, and often the two sides can't even remember the reason that they are fighting.

With the thriving rap industry in Texarkana, police think violent music videos made by popular people in the community could be leading to the violence problem. While it may not be the rappers pulling the actual trigger, young people in the community may see that and emulate that behavior.

It is that reason that community activist Leroy Dodd, brought together Texarkana Arkansas PD, Texarkana Texas PD and several of the area's popular rappers, to start the steps toward ending the violence in the area, starting with stopping the violent music videos.

Rapper Dirty White recently took down on of his videos, deciding it was too violent. It was one of the first videos he made, and at the time, he didn't realize the negative impact it could have on his community.... a mistake he won't make again, working hard to make his community a safer place.


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