Using T-N-R to help stop cat over population

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 - 11:05am

370 thousand.

That's how many cats just one cat and her kittens can produce in just 7 years.

One cat at a time, Shreveport Bossier Animal Rescue is fighting that statistic. President Reed Ebarb explains what his group does, "we'll go out to their location where they're feeding the cats. We'll set enough traps to catch all of them. We'll get them altered, spayed, and neutered, and return them to that location.

But is there is a point to fixing cats just to return them to the wild? According to Ebarb, there is. "If you take that colony out, another colony from the surrounding area is going to move in. And so, by putting them back, you're preventing the vacuum effect, but at the same time you're letting those cats live out their lives while being fed and taken care of.

Ebarb and his staff spend several hours a day trapping feral cats. Special traps are filled with a treat of some sort and then set. The team then wait patiently for a cat to walk in. Once the cat walks in, the door shuts automatically behind the cat, trapping him or her inside.

With stray cats everywhere, it's impossible for Ebarb and his team to trap all of them, but it's a simple enough process that anybody can do it. Ebarb explains, " What you can do is you can go to Robinson's Rescue, get a trap, and maybe one or two at a time, trap the cat, take them to Robinson's Rescue and return them back. And those cats will still be there. They can still live out their lives. They're still killing, you know rats and bugs and things of that nature, but they're not worsening the problem over time."

There are more than a quarter million cats in Shreveport Bossier, but with something as simple as setting a trap, that number won't get any higher.



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