Text messages start of day 3 of the Brian Horn capital murder trial

Monday, March 31, 2014 - 3:33pm

It was another day of emotional testimony in the Brian Horn capital murder trial.

This morning Detective Robert Greer read aloud the text messages from 12 year old Justin Bloxom the night of his murder.

During the testimony, Bloxom's mother, Amy Fletcher had to leave the courtroom, over come with emotion.

DeSoto District Attorney Richard Johnson explains his reason for reading them, "we wanted to show the fact that Brian Horn had lured Justin Bloxom out of the house. And we think, we thought the jury would better understand it by being able to see those text messages and know the exact conversation that ensued between Brian Horn and Justin Bloxom."

This could make the defenses argument that Horn didn't intend to kill Bloxom harder to prove. As Johnson points out, "they show he had a specific intent to lure him out of the house at the very least. You can kind of deduce the rest of it from that. But we think the text messages definitely help the case."

The DA's office expects to put their last witness on the stand tomorrow and thinks the trial could be over as early as this weekend.


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