Texas student asked to remove Confederate t-shirt

Thursday, March 27, 2014 - 2:13pm

A Texas father says he wants an apology from his son's school. The 18 year old walked out of his San Antonio high school Wednesday because of a dispute over his t-shirt.

Mason Deering told KENS, "I created the shirt because I'm proud of my heritage, I'm proud to be from the South." Mason, a MacArther High School Senior, barely made it past first period before being sent to the principal's office.

A teacher viewed his shirt as controversial and NEISD police states that anything distracting or disruptive to learning is prohibited at the principal's discretion.

Aubrey Chancellor said, "It's not up to us to decide what's wrong with the shirt, per se, we just know from past experience that this is the type of shirt, the slogan that was on it, that can certainly cause controvery."

While waiting for the principal, the assistant principal asked Mason to change his shirt. Mason claims the assistant principal told him the shirt was racist. He refused to change his shirt and left the school.

Mason's father, Robert Deering, said, "He chose to leave, which I think was the right decision because he wasn't doing anything wrong." Robert Deering stands by his son and says neither the shirt nor his son is racist.  He went on to say, "We have family, Stonewall Jackson in our family, that was in the Confederate army and we're proud of that. That's part of our heritage and that's all he's doing right now and he believes in it and I'm fine with that."

The principal never met with Mason but told district administrators he wouldn't have made Mason change his shirt and that he can wear the shirt in the future as long as it's not a distraction.

Mason says he's planning on wearing the shirt on Monday.


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