Texarkana Arkansas Police looking into video regarding HIV infections

Friday, May 9, 2014 - 6:56pm

In just one day, a disturbing video on Facebook where a man claims to have passed the HIV virus to more than 30 women has had more than 5,000 views.

In the video, a masked man introduces himself, saying "hi, my name is Joe and I'm from Shreveport. I've infected many women in Texarkana and I have a list of their names."

As the video goes on, the man names 33 women in the Texarkana area he claims he knowingly infected with the HIV virus.
Texarkana Arkansas Police’s Kristi Mitchell says the department is taking the video seriously, but isn’t jumping to conclusions. "At this point we're just investigating to determine where this video came from, who it came from, and the validity of it."

If TAPD determines the video isn't a hoax, things could get complicated. Knowingly infecting a person is a crime. That means detectives would have to determine if the crimes took place on the Arkansas side of Texarkana, or the Texas side.

Currently Texarkana Texas Police Department isn't investigating the validity of the video. However, Texarkana Arkansas Police are being caution but proactive. Mitchell had this message for possible victims, "any of the women who have been named in this video, is very strongly encouraged to come forth to police and file a complaint." That way, even if the video ends up being a hoax, detectives can charge the masked man with harassment for each woman who comes forward.

The video ends with the warning for others, with ‘Joe’ saying "you ladies need to go get yourself checked. Just because I make it rain in the clubs, doesn't mean I don't have AIDS. You hoes gave me the package, so I returned the favor. Wrap it up, b******.”


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